3 Reasons Why You Need KLEEN HAIR

#1: It Only Takes Seconds for Your Children to Get Lice

Did you know that the average time it takes to rid your household of lice is 3-6 months? If you didn’t, consider yourself lucky. You haven’t had to fight an infestation—yet.


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, between 6-12 million children a year become infected with lice.


The tiny bugs, no bigger than a sesame seed, spread easily among children ages 3 to 11, who are likely to come into close head-to-head contact with one another or share hats, headbands and the like.


Protect your family today with KLEEN HAIR products and get the peace of mind of knowing your family is safe from head lice.

#2: Battling Head Lice Can Cost Hundreds of Dollars

Some estimates put the cost of treating lice at $1 billion a year. Why so expensive?

  • Lice-killing shampoo costs $12-$20 per use
  • One treatment is required for each family member
  • Treatment shampoos don’t kill nits and must be reapplied every 10 days
  • The process must be repeated for every member of your household


The typical four-person household could easily spend $200-$300 a month or more fighting head lice. And, that hit to your wallet doesn’t even consider all the hours spent combing through hair, washing clothes and bedding in scalding water, and cleaning your home.


That’s because, even if you use the pesticide shampoos sold in drug stores, fighting lice means you must diligently comb and nitpick each family member’s hair every day until you’re sure the lice and eggs are gone for good.


Lice Knowing You, a salon specializing in lice removal, estimates the average cost each family spends trying to rid their home of head lice is $1,752.95!


Don’t feel like throwing almost $2000 away on harsh, chemical-laden lice shampoos?


KLEEN HAIR’s 4-Step Kit can safely and effectively repel head lice and help to prevent an infestation for just $42.80.

#3: Reports of Super Lice are On the Rise

In many cases, lice have grown resistant to the active ingredients in these over-the-counter products, resulting in a breed of critters being called “super lice.” For those fighting a super lice infestation, you can treat again and again–without seeing any reduction in pests at all.  


To effectively battle super lice, pediatricians may provide a prescription for heavy-duty pesticides. Lindane, for example, which is often used in agriculture, is still prescribed in many states for lice.


Although experts believe exposure to heavy-duty pesticides is safe in small doses, many parents worry about using these toxic substances on their children’s heads.


Even over-the-counter kits have hair-raising ingredients. For example, the active ingredient in non-prescription lice treatments is the same class of compound that causes complaints when municipalities spray for mosquitoes.


Have you been notified of a head lice outbreak at your child’s school, camp, or daycare? Learn important steps to take immediately (and more) by visiting “The Process” Page.

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