NO NO I’m not talking about alcohol shots, NO I’m talking about taking your kid to the Doctor type SHOTS!…

Everything was going fine until the SHOT GIRL – I mean SHOT NURSE walked in the room. Then all hell broke loose!

My girl wasn’t having it!!!…She was ready to run out the door and never turn back.

Well, finally after what felt like an eternity of using every persuading tactic I knew she grabbed on to me for dear life tucked her head right next to mine and let the SHOT NURSE do her thing.

Just as expected after she was done freaking out she turns and says “well that wasn’t so bad”. And, of course my immediate response was “I told you so” with a big grin.

Oh, the many joys of motherhood!… Thank goodness she won’t need any more shots for a long time. And I won’t be wishing the SHOT NURSE was really the SHOT GIRL bringing me a shot to calm my nerves!… 🙂


Here’s an EASY hair style to keep your girl PEST FREE!


Remember KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid!

Start with a Pony Tail – used Toughest Player Hair Tie.

Braid loose pony tail hair.

Twist into a bun – used Toughest Player Hair Tie to secure bun.

Spray it down with the 3-IN-1 Spray.

Tie it up – Spray it down!… Out she goes!

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