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Why the KLEEN HAIR Kit? It has everything you need to start your prevention routine and take control of eliminating unwanted HAIR BORNE PESTS.


What’s in the kit? 5 Hair ties, 1 head band of your choice, 1 8oz bottle of the 3-IN-1 Spray and 1 KLEEN HAIR Nit Free Terminator Comb.


8 reviews for Complete Hair Kit

  1. Jackie Nepola

    This is a wonderful product! My daughter loves the way it smells and I’m thrilled that we haven’t had the lice come back. We spray every day because not only does it keep the critters away but it helps with the comb out and it really smells fantastic! Well worth the money! Thanks Jackie!!… Ruthie R

  2. Jackie Nepola

    I ordered a starter kit for my daughter. The presentation of the packaging is great. The spray smells like citronella which we all found pleasant. The kit comes with a comb, hair ties, a headband and the spray. All products are easy to use and best of all you are protected from lice! Highlight recommended…Beatriz C

  3. Jackie Nepola

    Finally a product we can trust, thank you Kleen Hair we are very happy with our order!… Yami S

  4. Jackie Nepola

    Got the dreaded lice email tonight!! 😩 I’m dying!!! Any of my friends with young kids check out this web site!!! It is a friend of a friend! I’m meeting her tomorrow for my kit- especially with my kids being in summer camps this summer!! Needless to say buns and hairspray tomorrow!!… Kelly P

  5. Jackie Nepola

    Moms!!! This is awesome for your little ones… who wants to worry about the day your precious little girl comes home with lice?? They are so stylish and comfortable. Talk about multi-purpose!… Shelly K

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Victoria Canarozzi4737 (verified owner)

  7. Jackie Nepola

    I am from Cuba and I visit the island frequently, unfortunately, lice is everywhere there and my daughter, every time, comes back infected. I tried every over-the-counter product and nothing ever worked. This summer, I tried Kleen hair, she went by herself so I sent the products with instructions for my family and she came back 100% lice free. I was so happy, for the first time I didn’t have to spend hours cleaning her hair and doing all the washing and cleaning work that comes with getting read of this annoying pest. Now she uses the hair ties and headband for school and we even use the comb for dandruff. This product is just fantastic! Do not wait until you get the letter from the school, start using Kleen Hair now! .. Aymee Curbelo

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gerald (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Amazing service! I’m so glad that I ordered this kit. My daughter had lice and Jackie sent someone to my house to remove the lice and they are completely gone. I love that the spray is completely natural and it smells amazing!

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