Infused Headbands


This 100% cotton headband is infused with Kleen Hair’s formula to keep head lice away from your child’s hairline. Reusable and machine washable. Comes with a resealable storage bag.


Why a KLEEN HAIR Head Band?  Well first they are stylish and discreet and come in 5 different patterns. Like our Hair Ties they won’t cause the aching “HEADBAND HEADACHE”. Take control of hair borne pests with a stylish and discreet head band.

  • No Pesticides
  • Non-Toxic
  • No Artificial Ingredients.
  • Natural Formula
  • Elastic and plastic Free
  • 100% cotton and adjustable


What does it smell like?  No artificial fragrance just a clean and natural scent.  Some clients say it smells like a mix of peppermint and lemongrass.



Easy to use – Slip it on and out you go!

Remove before bathing, showering and bedtime



Store in resealable bag when not in use.



Pair your Head Band with one of our coordinating Repelling Hair Ties.


Purchase Kleen Hair 3-in-1 Spray and Nit Free Terminator comb for extra protection.


Continue to spray your head band with every use with the 3-IN-1 spray.


Machine washable – (Will shrink about an inch if dried in dryer.)


For external use only. Not intended for children under the age of 3. Intended use as a deterrent only. Does NOT kill lice or nits(eggs) or treat infestation. Wash hands after each use. In case of skin or hair irritation stop using and wash the area immediately. Avoid eye and mouth area with hair tie. In case of contact wash the area and contact a physician if needed. Efficiency tests performed by individual establishments.

3 reviews for Infused Headbands

  1. Jackie Nepola

    Unbelievable!!! Well worth a try. Didn’t believe it until I tried it… John T

  2. Jackie Nepola

    Sophia has been loving the spray, it smells so great. And the hair ties and headbands are super cute. The best part, the lice have stayed away!! Yay!!… Ruthie R

  3. Jackie Nepola

    I purchased Kleen hair to keep my 5 year old daughter’s hair pest free as she enters into grade school. We absolutely love this product. My daughter asks for me to spray it every morning without prompting. She loves the smell and the cute and functional hair accessories. We would recommend Kleen hair to anyone.

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