Statistics show that between 6-12 million kids get infested with lice each year. The cause is hair to hair contact. As well as sharing headbands, brushes and hats.


Kids are constantly hugging, taking selfies and having hair to hair contact.  Kids are not aware that while they are having fun it only takes a second for a little hair borne pest (LICE) to spread from one child to the other.


While it only takes a split second to get lice, it takes hours upon hours to remove the pesky little creatures. The lice removal process out of the hair is so unbelievably frustrating for both the kids and parents. Be prepared for a lot of whining, screaming and long hours standing. And, oh did I mention the amount of bugs you will witness coming out of your child’s hair. Get ready because it’s nothing you have ever witnessed, scene or experienced before.

So I got bad news for you. You are not done… Now that you just spent hours combing through your child’s hair. You will now spend hours upon hours cleaning the house. I can visualize that day as if it was yesterday. The piles upon piles of clothes, bedding, pillows, stuffed animals and blankets. Trying to figure out what can and can’t go in the dryer or tied up in a garbage bag and leave in the garage for 2 weeks.


Just when you think you’re done.. PSYCHE!!.. You still have to vacuum rugs, the couch and don’t forget the car. Oh and don’t forget to boil brushes, combs and clips. And, don’t do what I did. I ended up melting all my really good brushes and clips. I was so freaked out that I left them in boiling hot water way to long as I continued adding more water and it was so hot that it melted everything.


Now that you got the hair combed out, the house is clean and finally back in order. You must do another comb out 2 days later. OH FUN!.. It just keeps getting worse and worse. But keep calm there won’t be (or shouldn’t be) any live bugs left. You are now trying to get any leftover Nits(eggs).


Once you complete this comb out you must do it again a few days later. I mean the fun doesn’t stop!…  Please please make sure you are not using any over the counter medicated medicine and if so that you read ALL the directions. YOU CAN NOT REUSE any of the medicated solutions. If you do a comb out with just conditioner you can do it as often as you like.


By now your child should be pest free! Now you can finally sit back, grab that glass of wine and chill. By all means you deserve it!….


The best piece of advice I can give and I learned the hard way. Is ALWAYS tie up your child’s hair and avoid HAIR-TO-HAIR contact. I also explained in detail the importance of this to my girls. They also never leave the house without a hair tie or headband and being sprayed down.


I will never be the same when it comes to the “L WORD”. This awful and horrific experience has scarred me for life and now I’m completely neurotic. However, there are easy steps we can take for our children not to be a statistic.


Tie it up!…  And if you care DON’T share…Keep KLEEN HAIR!

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