Easy Breezy School Hair Styles!

Easy Side Braid
Mornings in our house hold can be crazy. I’m sure you can relate! 
I sometimes feel like a chicken with out a head running around making breakfasts, lunches and deciding on hair styles.  
The last thing I want to do is get creative with a hair style. Isn’t it enough I still have to   do my own hair. 
So I hope I can help eliminate one thing off your TO-DO list with this easy side braid. 
Lets KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!…
Side braid
Infused Sky’s The Limit Headband
Toughest Player Infused Hair Tie for the end
Spray it down with the 3-IN-1 
Tie it up – Spray it down!…. bye bye young one! 
Hope this made you smile!
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