Oh how I remember that dreadful day… …I was the type of person who would literally get so grossed out to even look through someone’s hair because the thought of finding something freaked me out. Even talking about it would gross me out….

…………….Oh did I mention I owned a Beauty Academy. The irony!!!!…  There were times the students and Instructors would come across lice or some other creepy crawler. And, of course I had to know about it being the owner. And, every time I would cringe and just wanted to run and hide.


Then it happened… MY SELF AND MY 2 GIRLS GOT LICE!!!!….. I nearly died… I saw the bug in my daughter’s hair. I ran to the computer and found a lice removal place 30 minutes away and I drove like my life depended on it.


$700 later and the drive of shame home with shower caps on our heads. Needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper. But I also had two little people who just went through sheer torture. They were so upset and cried which broke my heart and made me boil inside. However, I had to keep my cool in front of my kids and lighten up the mood.


Then comes the aftermath. THE CLEANING…. I literally threw things away and whatever couldn’t fit in the dryer was suffocated in a plastic bags in the garage for 2 weeks. The couch, the beds, the sheets, the car I mean the list goes on and on….It was HORRIBLE!!!


I was so angry, disappointed, frustrated and sad. I knew at that very moment I had to do something but I was still so embarrassed to tell my story and I was still grossed out even talking about LICE. But after tons of research my fear started to lessen (truth be told I still don’t like pictures of lice) but I knew I had to do whatever possible and help as many kids and parents/care givers to never have to go through this horrible experience.


Looking at my dog (Annie-Cakerz) got me thinking of a few ideas. Why is it that dogs have 3 methods of prevention against fleas 1. Flea collar 2. Ointment 3. Pills… Well what about us?


So I started learning more and researching more and found the best way to prevent lice is keep your kids hair tied up. And for extra piece of mind add a spray with repellant oils and head-to-head contact is the main culprit.


So began my journey….I was like a mad scientist in my kitchen. I was making concoction after concoction and my poor kids were the test dummies. I sampled many different hair ties and headbands and made many batches of spray. Until I finally found the perfect solution.


I was lucky to have made many connections in the beauty industry and was offered by a friend who manufacturers beauty products to make my spray. Along with a chemist and many hours spent researching ingredients KLEEN HAIR 3-in-1 spray was created.   


Well this experience has seriously scarred me for life and I will never look at lice the same way again. This sounds weird but I’m kind of glad it happened because I would have never come up with the idea of KLEEN HAIR and get to help as many people as I can. The one thing I miss most about not having the Beauty Academy is helping people and now I get to do it again. ☺   


I’m hoping to provide as much education, value, awareness and support to my customers.


“If you care DON’T share… Keep KLEEN HAIR”


Jackie Nepola


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