10 Surprising Places YOU Can Get LICE!

Just what we need more places to fear LICE… Prevention is key!

Hotels and Temporary Housing:
It’s not unusual to be concerned when it comes to the horror stories of hotel rooms not being so clean. However, as long as the bedding is properly cleaned between quests then LICE won’t be an issue.

Gym equipment:
The main way of getting lice is from hair to hair contact and its certainly possible to get it from shared gym equipment. Sharing yoga mats, weight machines and even during fitness classes put you at jeopardy for lice.
*We actually have a few women clients who use our 3-IN-1 spray while at the gym.

Public Transportation:
Try your best to AVOID touching another head. Although its hard in such tight close quarters especially on a bus or subway.

Cloth movie seats:
This only happens if the seats are cloth and if you sit down right after the “host head” left the seat. Lice can only live for 24hrs off the host head but that still gives them enough time to find another “head”.
*We also have customers who bring their 3-IN-1 spray with them to the movies. Just in case!

Trying on clothes in a store:
Trying on sweaters and tops can transmit lice especially pullovers. So basically, the longer the clothes stay on you the longer the lice have to latch on to your hair…. Well this is a scary thought!

Sharing Lockers:
Schools often ask students to share lockers to save space. However, if your locker roommate puts a piece of infested clothing in your locker they could spread to your belongings as well.

Co-Work Spaces – Shared Chairs:
Unfortunately, in places that share cloth chairs where people are in and out of all day you must pay close attention to the headrest. That too can spread lice!

Testing Furniture:
All though the risk is low but really who knows where and when you can catch lice. Just be caution when trying and testing out mattresses and couches. You never know who tried them out before you and if they have a current lice infestation.

Airplane Headrests:
Thank goodness most airplanes are now leather seats but in the case of a cloth headrest you must be cautious. You never know who was in that seat before you!

Hair Stylist Tools:
Being a former beauty school owner, we ALWAYS had people coming in with lice and they didn’t even know they had it. It was imperative that the student clean all tools before using it on another head.

Anything that touches the hair shouldn’t be shared!!!

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